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Working as a partner with our clients, we add value to shareholders' equity through the implementation of state-of-the-art technologies.

Business Analysis Services

We specialize in implementing technology solutions that will result in increased efficiencies and communication, reduced costs, and ultimately, the attainment of increased profits.  The majority of the work we perform for our clients provides a dollar return on their investment of at least two-to-one.  We can deliver and implement technology solutions that many small businesses don't even know exist.  In many instances, implementing a program designed to meet a client's needs can provide the equivalent of one or more full time employees.

Without exception, training employees on how
to effectively use their in-house
software applications will increase
efficiencies dramatically.

Sales Force Automation & Database  Management

It's a sad fact - most companies spend more money on janitorial supplies than Sales Force Automation and Database Management.

Integration of technology into the sales and marketing program improves efficiency while at the same time reducing costs and effort.

If you have ever given any thought to Automating the Sales Force with technology, take a look at a white paper that covers everything that needs to be considered.  I wrote this over 15 years ago, but, it still applies.

This is a comprehensive paper designed to make you think, stimulate your creative thought process, and hopefully motivate you to improve the way your organization sells and markets its products and services.  By using technology to automate your sales efforts you will be able to easily double or triple your sales efforts and at the same time cut your costs in half.  

We understand small businesses, and know that mastering technology can be challenging.  But, that is our business, and we can simplify the entire process for you.  And we guarantee results. 

As a business person, you know that satisfied clients are the most critical component to success.   With our organization, we guarantee satisfaction. 

Services Offered


Sales Force Automation and Database Management

Customer Relationship Management Programs

Network Management

Off-Site Backup

VPN Services

Firewall Management

Server & Network Maintenance


Web and Email Hosting

Computer Repair

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