Custom Programming 

"Software is invaluable when put to practical use."

We focus on providing programming solutions based on the industry leading Microsoft platform of applications and development tools. MS SQL Server, .NET, Access and MS Visual Basic provide the premier foundation for systems development, ensuring cutting edge technology, as well as positioning for the future. All of our programs are ODBC compliant and provide open systems interoperability and integration with the entire Microsoft product line.

Initial Consultation

At no charge, we will evaluate the tasks associated with your specific needs. First and foremost, we need to understand your unique goals and objectives. This includes current systems evaluation, network and hardware requirements, system specifications, time benchmarks, and budget. We will then develop a feasibility study, cost proposal, and estimated time frame for each aspect of the delivery process.

If the final product can not be completed in the time frame and budgetary constraints established by the customer, the process ends here, and no charges are imposed.

Design will work with the customer and formalize all of the goals of a development project. Upon completion of system specifications, we will create the working blueprint and tasks project with detailed assignments of responsibilities for both and customer personnel.  The project plan will specify individual responsibilities, and estimated dates of completion.


A team of Microsoft SQL Server, Access and Visual Basic programmers will be assigned the project of creating the customized programs to your specifications. In addition to programming, documentation and testing are an essential aspect of the development project.


Before deployment of the software, each of your end users will be required to participate in hands-on training. We recommend that those that will be managers be fully versed in every aspect of the software functionality. To ensure that your key personnel are prepared for deployment, we can provide a comprehensive testing and certification program for each. The same testing and certification program would be available at any time for new managers in the future.


The ultimate objective and conclusion to such a project is the eventuality of "going live". Before the "cut off" date, we have already tested the programs in a "mock live environment", and we encourage the customer to participate in the beta testing. After the "cut-off" date, we will provide continuing support utilizing Internet on-line technical support, phone support, and hands-on technical assistance when required.

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